Guardians Of The Galaxy Video Game: 5 Characters Confirmed To Appear (& 5 We Hope Show Up)

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During E3, Square Enix and Eidos surprised the world with their reveal of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, a new single-player RPG title in which the player controls Star-Lord as he tries to lead the Guardians, which consist of himself, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot. Additionally, he must try to keep them together following the fallout of a massive intergalactic war.

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After seeing twenty minutes of trailer and gameplay footage and reading all the information about this new title that has been released, some specific characters have been confirmed to appear on the Guardians’ journey, but there are also many characters that the fans are hoping will appear as surprises.

10 Confirmed: The Blood Brothers

A very brief segment of the reveal trailer shows Peter Quill A.K.A. Star-Lord fighting the twin aliens known as the Blood Brothers. In the comics, they are servants of Thanos, which makes sense, since according to the info given by Square Enix, this game takes place after an intergalactic war spearheaded by Thanos and the Chitauri.

Perhaps the Blood Brothers are zealots who still serve the Mad Titan, even after the war is over. In the trailer, they have no dialogue, but they seem to be determined to kidnap or kill Star-Lord.

9 Want: Yondu Udonta

In Star-Lord’s bio, it states that Peter Quill betrayed the Ravagers and sold them out in order to avoid jail time. This suggests that the Ravagers and Yondu Udonta himself will likely be antagonists for the Guardians.

Since Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is embracing both the comics and the film incarnations of these characters, fans are curious as to how Eidos would portray Yondu. For those unaware, Yondu in the comics is very different from Michael Rooker’s beloved portrayal.

8 Confirmed: Wendigo

During a montage of action gameplay segments, there is a shot of Star-Lord blasting a monster on a snowy planet. A fan on Twitter was quick to ask if it was the Marvel character known as Wendigo. The official Twitter page for the game replied with an emoji, essentially confirming that it is.

In the comics, Wendigo is a mystical villain and the result of an ancient curse, but his representation here appears to be altered slightly. However, it wouldn’t be the first time Marvel explained magic through cosmic origins; take Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for example.

7 Want: Starhawk

Most know and love Star-Lord these days, but he was not the original leader of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. In 1969, the first Guardians team consisted of entirely different members with their leader being Starhawk. This team was shown in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, with Sylvester Stallone’s Starhawk and his team of Ravagers.

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Starhawk is a bizarre character who is constantly reborn, reliving new lives. He also shares his body with his own sister. Eidos could introduce him and the original Guardians as allies or enemies, expanding upon this new universe even more.

6 Confirmed: Cosmo

In a story featuring a gun-toting raccoon and a walking tree, somehow a telepathic dog from Russia still seems bizarre by comparison. Cosmo the Space Dog made a quick appearance in the game’s reveal trailer, but no info about him was given.

Is he a new member of the team that Quill can command in battle? Or is he merely a guest star for one portion of the game? It wouldn’t be the first time as Cosmo only made a cameo appearance in the MCU version of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

5 Want: Captain Marvel

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy already features hints of a bigger Marvel universe out there. Not only is there mention of Thanos, but on Star-Lord’s wall, he has a poster of Dazzler from the X-Men. As such, this could allow other characters to appear including fellow cosmic hero, Captain Marvel.

According to Square Enix, the Guardians were not only involved with that intergalactic war but are also partially responsible for the main threat of the story. This might gain the attention of Captain Marvel, who could fight and/or join the Guardians as a result.

4 Confirmed: Mantis

The lovable Mantis has become a fan favorite Guardian, especially after to child-like and innocent portrayal in the MCU. Therefore, it would seem that these same fans will be happy that she is also making an appearance in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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The trailer showcased her meeting Star-Lord (whom she incorrectly calls Sun-Lord), so those who enjoy Mantis’ cute yet hilarious moments from the movies should be in for a treat. Additionally, Mantis appears to be closer to her film counterpart rather than the human-turned Celestial in the comics.

3 Want: J’Son Of Spartax

As confirmed by Quill’s bio, he is not the son of Ego The Living Planet like in the films. Instead, Eidos is following the comics, with Peter being the son of J’Son, the king of Spartax. Peter Quill seems to be aware of his heritage, but he does not approach his birthright as a prince other than his nickname.

It makes one wonder if J’Son or the Spartax empire will make an appearance in the game. And if they do, will they be friend or foe? Or does J’Son even care about his son? It is said that Peter was captured by the Chitauri after they killed his mother. He was captive for four years before becoming one of the Ravagers and J’Son didn’t try to save his own son?

2 Confirmed: Lady Hellbender

The first big threat that the Guardians seem to be facing in the game is Lady Hellbender. She is a relatively newer creation from Marvel comics and a villain of both She-Hulk and Venom. When not doing battle, Hellbender hunts and collects rare monsters for her zoo across the universe.

The Guardians try to swindle her using Rocket or Groot (depending on the player’s choice), and it does not seem to go well. It is already a good sign that Eidos is experimenting with fresh and less obvious villains like Ronan the Accuser or Thanos.

1 Want: Nova

So far, one of the biggest missed opportunities of the MCU version is the lack of Richard Rider A.K.A. Nova. Despite the Nova Corps playing a large part in the first film, Nova himself never appeared. Well, at the very least, he has the chance to appear in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

In Gamora’s character bio, she approached Nova for help in defeating her adoptive father Thanos. This confirms that he does exist in the universe, and since the Guardians end up being arrested by the Nova Corps (as shown in the trailer), Nova could be the one to vouch for them.

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